This website will help you find the right place to donate to homeless people and why you should do it.

If you really want to help you can always make a shoe box with things such as Shampoo,Clothes,Toothbrushes,Toothpaste etc.

Those were some videos to show you that just giving them something generous will really make their day. This is an official professional charity that support homeless people. Now we are going to show you the real explanation of this issue. As you can see homelessness is very hard. So thats why we made this website to teach you about homelessness and to help you understand it! Keep this in mind! The creators of this website are only kids that love coding and are trying to help homelessness. Homelessness is very hard especially around christmas. As it is Christmas Eve we are giving over 250$ face to face to the homeless Today! As we put progress in to this we are working vert hard to improve this website so please check it every now and again. We will be updating the website with paragraphs and images and videos of how hard homelessness is and why you should really go out there and help them.

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